Whole Broncos Team Just Got The WORST News Of The Season – IT’S TOO LATE NOW…

It all started with Kaepernick when he decided to start the kneeling trend. And the trend is up and running even today. Kaepernick wanted to spread the Black Lives Matter movement but he opened the box of Pandora. The sports world became a complete mess. Spoiled million dollars athletes followed Kapernick’s lead. Numerous NFL players disrespected America in the worst way possible by going down on their knees during the national anthem.

The Denver Broncos are feeling the repercussions of the national anthem protests. The entire Broncos team lost a huge pile of money because TV ratings took a huge hit and to top it all off ticket sales are at an all-time low. But there is more to the nightmare after their local sponsors are no longer interested in funding the NFL team.

Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall felt it on his own skin how it is to be disrespected after his personal sponsors decided to withdraw from their mutual contract. But the Denver Broncos have it even worse after local radio stations started losing advertisements that are being played during the Broncos games.

“At least two advertisers have asked that their commercials no longer run during KOA‘s radio broadcasts of Denver Broncos games because they’re upset by national anthem-related demonstrations prior to the kickoff of NFL games. ‘Yeah, there’s been a couple’ that have pulled out, confirms Tim Hager, market manager for iHeartMedia’s Denver stations, including KOA, ‘and that’s the rationale.’”Apparently, small business companies are no longer interested in sponsoring teams that stand against everything America stands for. These small companies are here to send a message to the league that, enough is enough.

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