WATCH: Trey Gowdy Gets HUGE Standing Ovation After DEMOLISHES Obama on House Floor

South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy is one brave, loud advocate for conservatism, and constitutionalism in the US Congress. Being a former federal prosecutor, he has experience and knowledge needed for asking the hard questions and get the truth he is looking for.

Below is one of his epic and compelling floor speeches in the House, in which Gowdy advanced a bit of constitutional literacy to his fellow congressmen, reports Democrat Busters. In this 2014 speech, Trey asks for support of the Enforce the Law Act, which if passed would have allowed Congress to bring a lawsuit against the Executive Branch (Obama at the time) over its discriminatory enforcement of laws.

“The House of Representatives does not exist to pass ‘suggestions,” Gowdy said… “We make law.”


“I want us to talk as colleagues, because our foundational document gave us as the House unique powers and responsibilities. We run every two years because they intended for us to be closest to the people. The President was given different duties and powers. The President was given the duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, so my question, Mr. Speaker, is what does that mean to you?”

“We know the President can veto a bill for any reason or for no reason,” he continued. “We know the President can refuse to defend the constitutionality of a statute – even one that he signs into law. We know the President can issue pardons for violations of the very laws that we pass, and we know that the President has prosecutorial discretion as evidenced and used through his U.S. attorneys.”

“Mr. Speaker, that is a lot of power. What are we to do when that amount of power is not enough? What are we to do when this president, or any president, decides to selectively enforce a portion of a law and ignore other portions of that law? What do we do, Mr. Speaker, regardless of motivation, when a president nullifies our vote by failing to faithfully execute the law?”

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