WATCH: After One Thug PUNCHED a Policewoman, He Got In To DEEP Trouble!

A shocking video emerged on social media showing a punk harassing kids at Florida McDonald’s. When a female police officer got in the middle of the situation, things started to get worse. The thug punched the officer in the face, but seconds later he would regret what he did.

The reason the thug harassed those kids in McDonald’s is still unknown, and nobody can explain what was so bad that there was a need of a police intervention.

When the police officer arrived at the scene at McDonald’s, she immediately tried to understand what’s going on and to calm down the situation, but shortly after the officer found out that the thug didn’t want to cooperate. When the customers saw that the situation will escalate they started to film, and it is great that they did.

As shown in the video clip, the police officer is calling the thug to come out, holding the door open. When she realizes that the situation won’t go so smooth, she orders the man to lay on the ground.

The thug didn’t listen to the police officer, just like everything she ordered before. The situation quickly escalated. When the cop saw how uncompliant the thug is, because of his raised fists, she tried to escort him physically. But, everything didn’t go according to the plan. The thug, without any warning, raised his hands and punch the female police officer right in her face.

The officer earned the appreciation on the social media, because of her behavior in the following moments. She didn’t use lethal force to handle the unpleasant situation but succeeded to cope with it and make sure that nobody else will be hurt. The thug felt good about himself, but after a few seconds, he will get what he deserves.

After the police officer was punched right in the face, she pulled out the taster and pointed to the thug, pushing the trigger. Then the thug fell on the ground, squirming in pain. But this is not the end of it.

Before he decided to obey the officers’ orders to turn over and put his hands behind his back, the thug took about 8 rounds of 5-second electric pulses. The cop after explained that the taster stays pointed at the man, as a precaution of an unwanted situation, until another police officer arrives to back up her.

The police officer handled the situation perfectly, but the liberals will still attack her behavior saying she didn’t have to taster him so many times. They simply need to realize that she tried so many times to ask him out nice and kindly and had to use the taster after she was punched in the face.

This woman deserves nothing else but respect.

H/T Conservative Fighters

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