WATCH: Ben Shapiro HAMMERS the Hens on ‘The View’

Ever since Donald Trump became president, many Hollywood celebs have been attacking him for completely everything that he does. One of the most vocal Trump-haters has been actress Whoopi Goldberg, as well as her fellow hosts of the struggling ABC talk show “The View.”

We’ve seen numerous times before how Goldberg has bashed President Trump, even going as far as comparing him to the Taliban terrorist group, reports Any Politics.

But, we all knew that all that hating will come back to bite her. Now, reporter Ben Shapiro has decided to speak up and give Whoopi a piece of his mind.

Awhile ago, Whoopi said this about the president:

“We also keep hearing about terrorists hating our American values. We had this conversation yesterday. So let me ask you now — now, we have had a leader who’s repeatedly demeaned women, wants to defund organizations that benefit women, calling on the media to shut up, specifically wants to give preferential treatment based on religion, are these values really much different than the Taliban’s?”

After listening to this bogus statement, conservative commentator Shapiro said this about Whoopi and her insane argument in a video that quickly went viral:


After seeing how much controversy her statement caused, Whoopi tried to twist things, saying she wasn’t specifically speaking of Trump, just the Trump Administration and those who support him. She explained:

“Well no, the values that we are listening to. One of the things that you read yesterday was the piece of the…the language in the ban, which was about if you disrespect women. So yesterday I was thinking about this. All of these things that I have been hearing, have our values changed? What’s happened?”

She continued by using Trump’s travel ban to take her Taliban comparison even further:

“So the question is, when you put some of these things side by side—what kind of religion you’re supposed to have, you’re supposed to have one religion. When he says there’s preferential treatment for Christians, forgetting the other religions out there…You know here’s the thing, we have a Constitution that says these are the things that we don’t do. This is what makes us different from everybody else. Our media, nobody tells our media to shut up and just take it. Nobody. That’s not American. That is the Taliban…My question is, what’s happening?”

Well, we couldn’t have said this any better ourselves – Shapiro told Whoopi everything we were thinking. We hope that she and other Trump-haters will learn from this and not say such insane things in the future.

H/T U Conservative

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