WATCH: Assang Suppots Trump Says He’s Innocent In Regards To Russia, Clintons Have Mega Millions

The attached video of an interview in August of last year with Julian Assange, gives us some insight into what he might have to say if he were allowed to exchange his freedom for what he can prove happened with regards to Hillary Clinton and Russia. Current events and knowledge are starting to catch up to what Peter Schweizer was writing about and what Assange has been embroiled in, but certainly there’s a lot more that needs to come out.

Assange tells the interviewer, “Hillary Clinton has done quite well, strategically, to try and draw a connection between Trump and Russia, because she has so many connections of her own.”

He continues, “My analysis of Trump and Russia is that there is no substantial connection. Why do I say that? Well, because Trump was trying to invest in Russia, before Putin in the 1990s, after Putin and in fact nearly all the way up to the present moment.”

“And he’s had no success.” Assange says, “He did not manage to build hotels and so on in Russia. So that shows how insubstantial his contacts are.”

Conversely, Assange details the Clinton side of things, saying, “There’s an extremely well documented pattern of when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, those people, companies, governments, who wanted a decision by the Secretary of State in their favor, making large donations to the Clinton Foundation or in some other cases, business deals with the people around Hillary Clinton.”

You know, one particular instance is the approval by Secretary Clinton, of selling twenty percent of the US uranium reprocessing rights to a Russian company to get exported to Russia. So at that time, a large donation was made by those Russian interests to the Clinton Foundation.”

In addition, Clinton’s campaign manager, Podesta, was on the board of a company called Joule Unlimited. And Joule Unlimited held some of these rights and received a $35 million from Russia.”

President Trump would do well to accept Mr. Assange’s offer to spill the beans in exchange for his freedom. Not only was he instrumental in getting Mr. Trump elected, he could be valuable in helping him eliminate the opposition that is determined to undermine his presidency.

He’s done more for the MAGA agenda than most folks, including the Republicans in Congress.

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