US Supreme Court Brings Bad News For Hawaiian Judge Who Blocked Trump’s Travel Ban

The US district courts and the famous Obama circuits helped the leftists to completely sabotage President Trump’s immigration reform and travel ban. We’ve heard everything, from stupid and unreal accusations about Trump being a racist, to various appellations who were supposed to block the executive orders from the Oval Office. However, after quite a while, the US Supreme Court gives another chance to Trump’s reforms. This is a huge disappointment for Hawaiian liberal judges. Read more below:

The US Supreme Court has bad news for the judge in Hawaii who blocked the latest version of the Trump administration travel ban just hours before it was set to take effect.


The US Supreme Court on Tuesday formally dropped plans to hear a legal challenge brought by Hawaii against an earlier version of President Donald Trump’s travel ban targeting several Muslim-majority nations countries and a ban on refugees, both of which have expired and been replaced with revised policies.
All judges in the USA should know that they should respect the American voters. Donald Trump presented his presidential platform of his policy in front of the entire world and everybody knew that he intends to implement his immigration reform.
However, leftists still argue. The American voters, their fellow citizens voted for this reform and they won- that’s pure democracy.
Leftists presented once again that they favorize a socialist regime- they want all of us to live trapped inside their pink bubble. SCOTUS makes a good decision. We shall wait and see the final decision.

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