US Admiral Just EXPOSED What Obama Let Foreign Enemies Do To American Citizens – This is TRAGIC!

Over the years, cybersecurity and the way that it interacts with our national security has been growing in importance. Much of what we do to protect our citizens is from the way that we interact and research on cyber issues. Now, cybersecurity has been talked about and how it interacts with the U.S. Navy . It was discussed on Thursday at the Center for Strategic and International Studies by Vice Admiral Jan Tighe, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare and Director of Naval Intelligence.

She had a few interesting things to say during her speech. She explained that over the past 10 years, the United States had been the victim of more than a few cyber attacks by our enemies. And unsurprisingly, Obama did nothing, and many times, did not even acknowledge the attacks.

“We’ve had an awful lot of examples of what, 10 years ago, we assumed would be construed as an act of war,” Tighe explained. “And, in a lot of cases, there has not been a response, either a military response or a diplomatic response.”

Instead of putting the blame on one person specifically, she made sure to note that it was the fault of policy makers in Washington. Apparently, they did not look at these attacks as any real threat. They could be regretting that very soon.

“The international community did not even really come out strongly and say, ‘this is unacceptable, you cannot go after critical infrastructure,’” Tighe added. “Where is the hue and cry in that? And so, what that says is, that must be OK. That must be perfectly acceptable. When you’re not at war, you can attack someone’s critical infrastructure.”

The fact that our country has see numerous attacks, many of which were acknowledged by international communities is bad. Nothing was done should open the eyes of people around the country. It is starting to look like we have more to worry about that we originally thought. Barack Obama is much to blame for this lapse in judgement. He was the commander in chief and should have known that these were taking place.

Does this prove that Obama simply did not care?

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