Trump to take on defiant GOP Senators in primary challenges with the help of Bannon

President Trump and the GOP have been in perpetual disagreement, ever since Mr. Trump announced his candidacy. Republicans have seen the billionaire as an outsider, but that has not prevented Trump from standing up for what he believes in and, eventually, it was this sort of attitude that catapulted him to the Oval Office.

Though Trump and the Republican Party have tried on many occasions to overcome their differences on certain issues, there has still been some dissent between the President and some Republican lawmakers.

Some of these lawmakers might not be around for much longer to oppose the President.

Steve Bannon, Trump’s former White House chief strategist is reportedly planning primary battles against certain Republican legislators.

It has been reported that the former chief strategist will oppose Sens. Luther Strange of Alabama, Bob Corker, of Tennessee, Jeff Flake of Arizona, Dean Heller of Nevada, and Roger Wicker of Mississipi.

But bear in mind that thus far this is only speculation, based on several encounters Bannon’s affiliates have made with likely primary contenders.

The Trump cabinet has not revealed its stance on primary elections, but that has not prevented the President from opposing these lawmakers on the social media.

President Trump has not forgotten the GOP-led Senate’s fiasco regarding the failed revoking of the Affordable Care Act, for which failure he personally holds the Republican Party responsible. Trump’s ire over the GOP’s failure to pass his health bill might be a further indication that he could back primary challenges of these senators.

CNN recently wrote that in an interview that was broadcast on Sunday on CBS’ “60 Minutes,” Steve Bannon was not saving words in attacking the GOP Senators for not doing enough to get Trump’s agenda through.

“They’re going to be held accountable if they do not support the president of the United States,” said Bannon. “Right now, there’s no accountability. … They do not support the president’s program. It’s an open secret on Capitol Hill. Everybody in this city knows it.”

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