Breaking: Trump Issued A Powerful Message To McCain’s Attack That’ll Put Him In His Place…

For some reason still unknown to us, a lot of celebs seem to dislike President Trump. Instead of minding their own business, they use their every chance to attack the President and his administration, blaming them of not doing a good job.

A politicians who has attacked President Trump on numerous occasions is Arizona Senator John McCain. Earlier this week, he was awarded with the Liberty Medal from the National Constitution, given to him by former Vice President Joe Biden.U

During his acceptance speech, he focused on throwing a few accusations at President Trump. While not mentioning any names, he criticized the “spurious, half-baked nationalism” that has been going on in America.

Immediately after he said this, everyone knew who he thought of. Tired of this nonsense, Trump-supporters came to the Presidents’ defense. Not long after, Trump came forward with his own statement:
This is not the first time McCain and Trump clash. Numerous times before, the Republican who appeals more to Democrats has criticized Trump’s decisions. Another thing they don’t agree on is ObamaCare, which Trump is trying to replace with a much better healthcare system for all Americans, reports USA Newsflash.

McCain was the one who blocked the bill both times, ultimately sealing its fate and keeping the Obama-era healthcare act going. However, this didn’t scare Trump. It made him more determined than ever to take the matters into his own hands and sign an executive order that would get the job done.

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