Trump Just Got the BEST NEWS OF HIS LIFE — Liberals MAD…

The United States Stock Market has increased over $2 trillion to the American economy since President Trump succeeded in winning the 2016 presidential election.

CNBC reports that the S&P 500 stock index grew by $2.04 trillion since Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton last November; with an extraordinary increase after the election with the trust and hope of significant tax reform and the reduction of ridiculous regulations by the Obama administration.

The biggest increases were noted in information technology, financial services, healthcare, and materials.

President Trump now sets his sights on reforming the nation’s complicated and outdated tax code. This is one of Trump’s key campaign promise’s on delivering tax relief to millions of American families and businesses.

“People are in wait-and-see mode in terms of tax reform. We get a bit of a pop every time it gets mentioned, but I think the market is in a bit of disbelief,” said one market strategist.

Analysts have also given credit to President Trump’s pledge to rebuild the American military with the massive rise in stocks associated with Defense contracts, reporting some businesses have seen the growth of 30% since the US election last fall.

President Trump continues to make his promises reality.  Thank you, President Trump.

H/T AnyPolitics

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