Top Michigan State Trooper Attacked For Calling Out NFL-Kneelers

After sharing a Facebook message one of Michigan’s top state police officer was suspended. Because of the protest, in which the players are kneeling during the national anthem, the officer called the NFL players “ungrateful” and “anti-American degenerates”.

After this Facebook post a local Detroit attorney strongly criticized the police director, saying:

“The posting demonstrates kind of a dangerous mindset for someone in her powerful position.” It’s scary that they don’t understand that America is defined by its freedoms, and one of these freedoms is freedom of speech. It also has implications for why the state police … don’t have representative numbers of African Americans in their ranks”

But, being an attorney, ins’t he supposed to know that NFL players have no Constitutional right to launch an anti-American protest during the national anthem.

The police officer had to apologize after that, but the comments in her apologizing post are very interesting. Every single one of them is supporting and thanking her for the original post.

One Facebook user even wrote:

“I, personally, find it reprehensible that MSP would require an apology from an officer that exercised her RIGHT of Free Speech by simply forwarding a meme that represented her personal opinion, much less dock her 5 days pay. Pathetic. Col. Etue, hold your head high and know that you have the support of all Constitution loving Americans. It is supposed to protect ALL Americans, left and right-leaning.”

Another user also agreed with the trooper:

“Are blacks the only one to have FREE speech under the first amendment.”

After all the supporting comments the Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder announced that no further punishment is planned for the police officer, despite the any calls from the left to fire her.

Gov. Rick Snyder stated:

“Colonel Etue posted something on social media that was inappropriate. She immediately apologized and has acted to demonstrate that apology, including facilitating meetings with various groups to hear concerns and to share the work the Michigan State Police does in cities and neighborhoods statewide to connect with the communities they serve and recruit new troopers from all backgrounds.”



  1. What the FU**, she has her right to speak out. Blacks has it made in this country, they can do whatever they want, but whites can’t. It’s lawyers like this that are bring down this country. I would love to see ISIS get these lawyers and set them straight.

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