Top Hollywood Celebrity VICIOUSLY Attacks Barron And The Trump Family

Hollywood celebrities just don’t want to quit their black-campaign against President Trump and the First Family. We’ve heard and seen everything, disgusting and shameless stories about Ivanka and Melania, not to mention all of the fabricated fake news stories about President Trump, but when leftists attack the poor Barron, that’s vicious and sick.

One famous actress who was yesterday fired for his big mouth, takes a furious rant against the First Family including Barron. But, she received bad news later. Read more below:

Rosie O’Donnell. Kathy Griffin … and now Chelsea Handler.

She tweeted: “Is there anyone dumber than @realDonaldTrump? Besides his children, and Melania? Does anyone know anyone dumber? Maybe tila tequila.”

Is it so hard to understand that we should leave the children and families of politicians out of it? The left have completely lost their minds.

Well, it didn’t take much for many Tweeter users to get back at her in a powerful way. We picked the best ones for you:

H/T Proud Patriots

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  1. Old goat face has a lot of room to speak how dumb other people are. She’s would not be know if it wasn’t for her crooked daddy and mommy. And now we find out that she is crooked. I hope the feds will go after all 3 of them.

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