Stephen King Blocks Trump from Seeing His New Movie, Soon Realizes It Was a BAD Idea

So apparently Stephen King was feeling a bit defensive and decided to tell Donald Trump (even though the president blocked him months ago and will never see it) that he’s blocked from seeing the upcoming remake of ‘IT.’

Like Trump was just WAITING to go see this movie; we’d be surprised if he actually even knew what films were being released this fall.

But hey Stephen, you be you.

You showed the president, Mr. King.

How do you feel now?

H/T ProudPatriots

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  1. Hollyweird shut the hell up already, we DON’T give a rats ass what you so called Hollyweird elites have to say on any political opinion. We didn’t VOTE for you and we will definitely be avoiding all and anything you DO OR SAY!!!

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