Breaking: Sean Hannity Just EXPOSED Fredrica Wilson And Her EVIL Plan

Sean Hannity just exposed Rep. Fredrica Wilson for LYING about President Trump’s call to the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson. Rep. Wilson had claimed that President Trump didn’t even know Johnson’s name, and referred to him on the phone call as, “Your guy.”

Well it turns out, Rep. Wilson has been on a mission to destroy Trump and the mainstream media has been propping her up. Sean Hannity just obliterated Rep. Wilson last night in a clip that the liberal media won’t show you.

Rep. Johnson repeated over and over that Trump told Sgt. Johnson’s wife that he “knew what he signed up for,” as if the President had no empathy. This was completely out of context, of course. “You have to be a really sick, twisted and ugly person who puts politics first… to think the president got out of bed, got on the phone and purposely wanted to hurt this family, ”Hannity responded.

Then he exposed Wilson’s secret attempt to try and get the President impeached, exposing her true motives! WATCH Hannity expose Fredrica Wilson’s lies then SHARE on Facebook so it goes viral!

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