Sarah Huckabee Just ADMITS That She Prays a Simple Prayer Before Each WH Briefing

Almost every day, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders goes before a room full of reporters and battles them for almost an hour, fighting back against fake news and trying to get the administration’s message out to the American people.

It’s a difficult job, and in an interview with Fox News’ Dana Perino for “Fox News Sunday,” Sanders revealed that she seeks divine assistance in doing it right.

“I also say a little prayer of ‘God help me’ every day right before walking into that room,” she told Perino, who was a White House press secretary herself under President George W. Bush.

“I’ve always said if I ever walk into the building and I’m not in awe of being here and being part of it, then I’ve been here too long and it’s time to go,” Sanders explained.

“Thankfully, I still feel a sense of reverence every time I step into the building, certainly every time I step into the briefing room. And I hope I never lose that,” she added.

That certainly is the right attitude to have about working for the White House. You can watch the exchange here.

Even if there are days where nothing seems to go right for a multitude of reasons, it’s still important that the people in the White House realize that they have some of the most important jobs in the country.

I don’t think anyone can blame Sanders for praying before having to deal with the press corps. They can be quite vicious when it comes to asking questions, so Sanders would need all the help she could get.

“I do think there is a heightened tension certainly between this administration and the press … I’ve been around press and worked in politics my entire life and I’ve never experienced the level of hostility that I think we see day to day,” Sanders noted.

It’s nice to have an administration where people aren’t afraid to say that they pray to God. It’s actually quite refreshing to hear someone say those words.

H/T Conservative Tribune

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