Sarah Huckabee CRUSHES Hillary About Her Anti-Trump Remarks

The amazing Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House Press Secretary, once again got a chance to slam Hillary Clinton and her newly released book “What happened.”

When one of the journalists asked Sanders what is her reaction when Clinton said she wished that President Trump was the President for all Americans. Sarah Sanders immediately fired back.

“[Hillary Clinton] said she wished that President Trump was the President for all Americans. Do you have any reaction to this characterization of the President’s role in the White House?” -the journalist asked

“I think that type of misunderstanding of who this President is, and frankly, a misunderstanding of what he’s been doing, is exactly one of the reasons that Hillary Clinton is not the President, and is instead pushing a book with a lot of false narratives and a lot of I think false accusations; placing blame on a lot of other people instead of accepting it herself,” the Press Secretary replied.


Sarah Sanders just nailed it! She confirmed it out and loud what everyone was saying for months. Sarah’s way of sticking to the facts is simply amazing! That is why we need her in the White House Big respect for her! Straight to the point and no sugar coating.

Since Hillary Clinton lost the election she spent her time blaming everyone but her for her big loss. Seems like she still can’t face the reality. In her new book “What happened,” the former Secretary of state and presidential candidate for 2016 elections, describes her experience, her loss and how she handled with all that.

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