Robert Mueller’s Law Firm Sent More Than 99% Of Donations To Hillary Clinton

President Trump knows that he is in for a challenge dealing with the Deep State and all of the liberal elites that are working hard trying to get him out of office. But that is what he signed up for. And given the circumstances, he has done a very good job.

Newt Gingrich has been a very vocal supporter of President Trump from the beginning. And he came with the facts as he talked about Robert Mueller and what he has been doing for Democrats. As he said on Fox News, Mueller has given more than 99% of his law firm’s donations directly to Hillary Clinton.

Gingrich said, “The Mueller investigation has so many conflicts of interest, it’s almost an absurdity. The law firm that he came from, gave 99.81% of its donations to Hillary Clinton last year.”

He added, “That’s right, .19 of 1% went to Donald Trump.”

So if he is known to have donated that much money to someone that was running against the now-President of the United States, why does he still have a job? Robert Mueller has turned the entire Russia investigation into nothing but a witch hunt.

He was not done there. He added that “the people that he’s been hiring are all anti-Trump lawyers. It’s hard to understand why he would assemble such a team unless it was a deliberate effort to go after the president and the president’s team. I don’t understand why the House and Senate Judiciary Committees aren’t investigating a lot of this stuff.” Gingrich has been around a long time and knows what fraud looks like.

There is no excuse for this kind of behavior from Mueller and his team. He needs to go and until he does, we will not see a fair investigation.

“He’s not going to find anything about Trump and Russia, and yet he’s hired all these guys who have given up their very expensive law services to come out and try to get somebody. And they’re going to eventually find somebody to prosecute because there are too many lawyers being paid too much money for them to go home having accomplished nothing.”

It seems like Gingrich is on to something here. Maybe Mueller is the one who should be getting investigated instead of President Trump. Do you agree?

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