PROOF: Obama Lied To America For 8 Years!

Kirsters Baish| After eight years under Barack Obama most of us realized the lies behind the “perfect president” that the Left portrayed. Employment numbers and monetary numbers were warped time and time again in order to make Obama look better. It was coincidence when important metrics were “overlooked” by his attendants in the Labor Department, not to mention his cronies in the mainstream media. We must take a careful look at all of these factors. Important things like labor participation rate and keeping track of the amount of Americans who had stopped searching for jobs caused our unemployment rate to sky-rocket.

None of this would have looked good for Obama, so the mainstream media covered it up as best they could, “concealing the genuine strength of our economy and the dismal substances that accompany conceding the certainties about work metrics.”

Former President Obama seemed to care more about his own personal ego than anything else. He bragged about job numbers, urging anyone who thought he was being untruthful to take a look for themselves. Many decided to take him up on that, and what they found was shocking.

Yes I’m Right explained that after President Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election and organizations stated that they would return and keep jobs within the United States, Obama’s press secretary Josh Earnest, reduced Donald Trump’s pre-presidential victories, stating “there were 805,000 manufacturing jobs that were not just protected, but actually created while President Obama was in office.”

Earnest’s statement was completely fabricated. The Bureau of Labor Statistics explained that prior to Obama’s disgraceful presidency that started back in 2009, the United States had around 12.561 million manufacturing jobs. When the numbers were revisited in November of 2016, the amount of manufacturing jobs within the US had dropped dramatically to around 12.26 million.

Anyone who can do math can easily calculate the difference, and it’s huge. More than 300,000 manufacturing jobs were taken away during Obama’s eight year presidency.

So, what I’m having trouble with is understanding how Josh Earnest came up with a bulls*t number… but then again, he is a liberal, and they often twist the truth to fi their stories. Unfortunately for him, the numbers don’t lie, and no one was going to let his ginormous mistake slide. What Earnest actually did was figure out the exact point during Obama’s presidency in which producing jobs were at an all time low. That was in 2010 at around 11.453 million. Way to play off the numbers, Josh.

It was at this point when he started counting jobs that he claimed were “created” by Obama. This was after the former president’s crappy policies had knocked out 1.1 million jobs.

It’s this kind of shady bookkeeping and logging that is why we don’t trust the Left. You shouldn’t believe any numbers that the Left spew out without doing some research first. Let’s hope that with President Trump in office we will continue to see more and more jobs given back to American citizens. I think it’s safe to say we can count on him.

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