President Trump’s Tweet About the Emmys Just Broke The Internet

The worst Emmys in the history showed HOW WEAK the leftists’ propaganda is becoming. After years of intellectual and social torture, the American people are refusing to ‘kneel’ before the elitists in the swamp.

The DEPLORABLE remain deplorable, what’s even worse for the leftists, the DEPLORABLE are gaining numbers. This DEPLORABLE Americans, most of them living in the ‘bible belt’, in heartland America, are not so soft like the Americans living on the coasts. Their ‘highness’, the liberal elites from the sanctuary cities, are slowly waking up from their dream, the bubble’s becoming too tight.

Do you know why? Because sooner or later they will lose their primate, their fame, and THEIR MONEY. Deplorable is not going to watch their pathetic anti-American shows anymore because they are, at least, offended by the anti-American charade.

But the deplorable like one thing for sure- THEIR PRESIDENT. Trump is on fire! When he has his phone in the hand, leftists are scared so much like he’s holding a gun. Well, you know how they say: THE WORLD KILLS FIRST, the bullet comes second.

Donald Trump just obliterated and humiliated all liberals and their EMMYS awards. We’ve been all waiting for him to see what is he going to say about the worst Emmys in the history because he was the STAR of the show. This is his response:

What do you think about Trump’s tweet? This tweet is going crazy viral. This proves that Trump alone is way more popular and respected than the liberal celebrities. Please spread this story if you think celebrities are going to lose their fame and power if they don’t SHUT THEIR NASTY MOUTHS.


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