Obama Just GAVE Taxpayers a $1.2 Million Bill – Everyone Is Shocked!

The arrogance of Obama and the Dems is mind-blowing. Every day, countless stories emerge of their corruption and fleecing of the American taxpayer. After he did his best to ruin our country, Obama now has the gall to demand the taxpayers finance his poor spending habits. This is BEYOND ridiculous…

It has been very clear to all of us that the former President and First Lady, Barack and Michelle like to spend money.  They have ridiculous spending habits and traveling habits that cost us tax payers a ton of money.  Again the Obamas have proven that they are frivolous with money when it came to his post-presidential office space that is paid for by the government, and now his budget request for 2018, which hits a sum of incredible $1,153,000, surpassing former President George W. Bush’s request by $100,000.

His request is $200,000 larger than former President Bill Clinton’s requested amount of funds, who maintains his post-presidency office in Harlem. As a former President, it would be a sign of respect to our country to be frugal with our tax payer money, like former President Jimmy Carter.  His budget request for his Atlanta office is just $456,000.

So why would Obama make such an extraordinary request? He wants to maintain an office in D.C. while his daughter, Sasha, finishes school. This too is why they purchased a home in the fancy neighborhood of Kalorama.

Let us be thankful to know that while Obama demands his life to be paid for by our taxes and not having a care as to cost, President Trump does not even want to take a salary, instead he donates it to organizations in need.

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