Obama Administration Put To Shame By Navy SEAL Governor’s Response To Rioters!

Missouri rioters filled headlines across the country, and this Republican Governor just couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Former Navy SEAL Eric Greitens said that the only safe space for violent rioters is a jail cell.

The protests became violent on Friday. The whole thing started when a former police officer Jason Stockley was cleared of first-degree murder and other charges linked to a 2011 case.

Rioters crumbled against store fronds, street signs, and vehicles. Police officers were also a target. The republican governor uploaded a video which shows how police officers arrest rioters for committing crimes. We didn’t see anything like this under Obama.

“Saturday night, some criminals decided to pick up rocks and break windows. They thought they’d get away with it. They were wrong. Our officers caught ‘em, cuffed ‘em, and threw ‘em in jail,” the Republican governor said.

He went on explaining a few points of history, noting that other leaders allowed people to break windows and start fires. “They let them do. Not this time. Tonight, the police arrested the vandals. At this moment, they’re all sitting in a jail cell. They’re gonna wake up and face felony charges. These aren’t protesters, these are criminals,” Greitens said.

The Republican governor sent a strong message to criminals, warning them that they will end up behind bars for every window they break.

The Navy SEAL wasn’t bluffing. Police officers cuffed over 80 violent protesters in St. Louis. The Republican governor is well aware of the fact that some people will always try to harm officers and destroy private properties. According to him, these can’t be referred to as protesters. They are nothing but a bunch of lousy criminals.

We didn’t see anything like this in the past. Obama let “protesters” break stuff and riot in the streets. But, President Trump won’t let this happen again, and we support him.

What do you think about the police? Do you support their intervention in St. Louis? Do you agree with the Republican governor?

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