NYC Liberals Who Staged President Trump’s Assassination Just Woke Up To Their Worst Nightmare

Our Western culture has been in a slippery slide toward complete and total disregard for the human life. As people become more and more desensitized to wrong and more and more in touch with their own selfishness, the morals of society continues to decline. This became very apparent when one comedian thought it would be ok to make fun of the idea of decapitating our President.

After facing the backlash of her actions, she actually claimed that she’s really the victim, and the man she pretended to behead as part of her “art” is really the villain.

We’re seeing this again as the modern adaptation of the play Julius Caesar takes on the classic play in which a Donald Trump-inspired twist on the titular character is graphically stabbed to death on stage. Not surprisingly, Trump-hater Meryl Streep is a major supporter of the man who put on the “assassination of Trump” play, Oskar Eustis.

Fortunately, one company is standing up to those putting on this incredible error in judgment and morals and hitting them where it hurts – their pockets. Delta Air Lines has canceled its sponsorship of New York City’s Public Theater as a result of the production of Julius Caesar.

“No matter what your political stance may be, the graphic staging of Julius Caesar at this summer’s Free Shakespeare in the Park does not reflect Delta Air Lines’ values,” the company said in a statement.

“Their artistic and creative direction crossed the line on the standards of good taste. We have notified them of our decision to end our sponsorship as the official airline of the Public Theater effective immediately,” the statement added.

Bank of America has also cancelled its sponsorship of New York City’s Public Theater, becoming the second sponsor to pull its support from the this summer’s season of Shakespeare in the Park, reports Freedom Daily.

“Bank of America supports art programs worldwide, including an 11-year partnership with The Public Theater and Shakespeare in the Park,” a spokesperson for the company said. “The Public Theater chose to present Julius Caesar in a way that was intended to provoke and offend. Had this intention been made known to us, we would have decided not to sponsor it.”

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