Newt Just Risked It All to Reveal the SHOCKING Truth About Frederica Wilson — He’s 100% Correct!

Democratic member Frederica Wilson is an American politician who has been a member of the United States House of Representatives since 2011. Still, she is known to many only for wearing her silly hats and giving high-profile comments.

Recently, she got slammed by both General Kelly and then Newt Gingrich after she said something so strange, no one knows what exactly she meant by it – reports Track Politics. Well, Frederica told everyone a story about what her mom told her when she was younger:

“A dog can bark at the moon all night long, but it doesn’t become a problem until the moon barks back.”

Shortly after, Newt Gingrich fired at her with his wonderful comment. Just listen to this:

“The level of hatred on the left has left them somewhat deranged and unable to show any decency in situations like this… Look the American political system allows a wide range of people to win elections. That doesn’t mean they’re wise. It doesn’t mean they’re knowledgeable. It doesn’t mean they have any sense of decency. It means they won an election. I think what you saw in a very simple contrast a man who has served his country for over 40 years, risked his life, lost his son, dedicated himself to honoring America and frankly a politician who doesn’t know anything, has no shame, has no sense of understanding and can’t figure out the time has come to keep her mouth shut.”

Well done, Gingrich! You just told her everything we’ve all been thinking. Maybe this will be a kind of wake up call for her and she will know to keep her mouth shut in the future.

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