New Lawsuit Filed to Uncover Obama Holdover Sally Yates’s ‘Resistance’ Emails

The Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) is suing the Department of Justice (DOJ) to uncover documents related to the decision by Sally Yates, the Obama holdover who briefly served as Acting Attorney General, to ignore President Donald Trump’s first travel ban order.

In a complaint filed Wednesday, IRLI is attempting to force the DOJ to release Yates’s emails from the period surrounding her very public January 2017 refusal to obey her boss, the President of the United States. IRLI had requested the documents at the time via a series of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, but, according to the complaint, is yet to receive them.

In January 2017, Yates announced publicly that, in large part due to statements about a “Muslim ban” Trump made on the campaign trail, the DOJ would not defend Trump’s executive order banning travel from terror-prone majority-Muslim countries. Trump promptly fired Yates, with then-White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer issuing a statement saying,”Sally Yates has betrayed the Department of Justice by refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect the citizens of the United States. … Ms. Yates is an Obama Administration appointee who is weak on borders and very weak on illegal immigration.”

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