Mueller issues search warrant, Facebook hands over Russia-related ads

The social media Facebook handed over to Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team copies of ads and other information it found on its site connected to a Russian troll farm, including elaborate data regarding accounts that purchased the ads, according to CNN.

This finding could provide Mueller’s team a more transparent picture of the people who bought the ads and whether and how the ads may have affected the voters’ decision in last year’s presidential election.

Facebook did not share copies of the ads with House and Senate intelligence committees when it met with them last week, claiming that by doing so, they would violate their privacy policy, stated sources familiar with the matter.

“We continue to work with the appropriate investigative authorities,” said Facebook in a statement to CNN.

Last Wednesday Facebook staffers spoke to Congress as part of the current House and Senate probes into the alleged Russian election meddling last year.

Facebook has said for The Washington Post, “there is evidence that some of the accounts are linked to a troll farm in St. Petersburg, referred to as the Internet Research Agency, though we have no way to independently confirm.”

Furthermore, the social media Twitter is also anticipated to be brought before Congress as part of the Russia probe, reported Reuters last week, citing Democratic lawmaker Mark Warner:

“It was my belief that the Russians were using those sites to interfere in our elections, and the first reaction from Facebook was, ‘No. You’re crazy.’”

The Senator said during the Intelligence and National Security Alliance meeting in Washington.

“I think what we saw yesterday in terms of their brief was the tip of the iceberg,” Warner added.

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