Mike Huckabee To Launch His New TV Show, Guess Who Is His First Guest!

Former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee will launch a new show on Trinity Broadcasting Network next month that will include music, faith, and, of course, the required dose of politics.

Huckabee will have a hell of a kickoff with President Trump as his first guest.

This would sit well with the president whose source of power and influence lies with television and public appearances, even now when he’s deep into politics. Now the president will be able to reach out to an essential audience: white Christians.

He has been on numerous Christian programs, making interviews with Raymond Arroyo of the Catholic outlet EWTN and the Christian Broadcasting Network juggernaut Pat Robertson.

Below is a partial transcript of the discussion Emma Green of The Atlantic had with Huckabee:

Emma Green: You have made a bit of a migration. Your new show is on Trinity Broadcasting Network, which is a Christian television network, rather than your old haunt, Fox News. Why is that?

Mike Huckabee: Well, when Rupert Murdoch was still in control of the network, I think his plan was to bring my show back, but when he left, new management didn’t necessarily agree with that. Trinity had been wanting to have discussions with me about doing a show for them, which would be very different than anything I’ve ever done, because all the shows that they’ve done in the past have been openly and intentionally religious in nature. My show is going to be their first attempt for a show that is not directly a faith program.

Green: Particularly over the last year or so, Christian media seems to have gotten a profile boost—organizations like the Christian Broadcasting Network have routinely landed interviews with President Trump.

Why is Christian television having a moment right now?

Huckabee: I think more people are looking to faith in their personal lives because of the uncertainties in the world. Everything from North Korea to natural disasters gives them an extraordinary sense of stress and unease, and the one anchor and rock that many people have discovered gives them perspective and equilibrium is their faith.

I also believe that there’s a real hunger for television programming that is wholesome. Not necessarily overtly religious—people don’t necessarily want to watch all-day preaching or teaching—but they also want to be entertained in a way that does not insult them as individuals.

I think they’re looking for programming that they can safely tune to and not have to rush the children out of the room or to feel like they have to take a shower having watched a show that is frankly insulting to everything they hold dear.

“They don’t care whether or not the guy believes as they do. They just want someone who will respect their beliefs.”

[Huckabee called me from an airport. At this point, intercom announcements made it difficult for us to hear each other. The conversation picks up here on the topic of President Trump.]

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