Melania Trump Just Did What Michelle Failed To Do For 8 Years – She Is ENRAGED!

Hurricane Irma is the worst natural catastrophe to strike Florida in the last few decades. People have never seen anything like this, but luckily, the situation is under control now. President Donald and First Lady Melania went to Florida, and offered their help to anyone in need. Have you ever seen Michelle Obama doing anything like this? Of course not. She will never be Melania Trump.

Florida suffered the storm, but it was completely destroyed. People say that the damage was more than catastrophic. Americans were ready to help their fellows in need, and so was Melania Trump. The First Lady accompanied her husband during his trip to Florida. They estimated the damage, and worked on potential solutions. Althouth it may take a while, authorities will be able to solve the problem, and fix any damages.

“Before touching down in Naples, air tour of hurricane damage. There is much work to be done, but America is with you Florida!” First Lady Melania Trump tweeted. The FLOTUS is a true inspiration, and many say that she is the first lady America has never seen before.

 South Florida water managers are already moving the massive pumps to northern Collier County. Authorities confirm that the floods trapped some of the residents within their homes. The pumps will be used to empty the floodwaters into the canal.

First Lady Melania Trump handed out lunches to Irma victims in Florida. Vice President Mike Pence, Florida Governor Rick Scott and Florida Senator Marco Rubio joined the President and his wife.

Can you even compare both families? Barack Obama promised to do everything for his people, but his words never became acts. That’s not the case of President Trump. First Lady Melania did better in handling natural crisis. Michelle only wanted to hang out with her rich friends. Well, that’s why people never trusted her in the first place.

What do you think about the activities Melania Trump had in Florida? Do you think the state will soon recover? How will liberals accept the offer President Trump made in Florida? Do you think they will respect his effort?

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