Melania STEALS Hillary’s Go-To Look With Gorgeous New Outfit – Hillary ENRAGED [PHOTOS]

First Lady Melania Trump does not have to impress anyone. She has made it very clear that she has a style all to herself. No one can even begin to touch her sense of class. But she did decided to take a stab at one of her rival’s best known outfits. She was wearing a pant suit to the United Nations meeting recently. That is right, ladies and gentlemen. A pant suit. Ring a bell?

It should. We were plagued with seeing Hillary Clinton wearing the same pant suit every single day for the entirety of the 2016 presidential election. But when Melania wore one, she blew people away.

She looked utterly stunning in the matching pant and jacket combo. She finished the ensemble with a button-up black shirt that perfectly finished the outfit. This is not a Clinton pant suit. This is on a whole different level.

Melania went with her husband Donald Trump to meet with members of the United Nations. He gave a speech for the first time and it was amazing. He talked about a wide array of different issues that he finds wrong with the way the UN does its business.

This is what many around the president have been waiting for. He is not one to shy away from the problems. And he did not shy away during his speech. He laid out what needed to be done to make it successful once again.

And Melania was there by his side, cheering him on. She has been proving since day one that she has more than what it takes to be an amazing First Lady. The class that she brings is unmatched. Take a look at her outfit:

She is right there by Trump’s side ever step of the way. She knows what it takes to be successful in politics. Hopefully she enjoyed her time learning about the UN and listening to Trump’s speech.

She is a very beautiful woman who knows how to behave in these types of situations. It is amazing to see her in action. We wish nothing but the best for her going forward.

Aren’t you amazed by her beauty?

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