Longtime Trump security aide has left his position

Keith Schiller, a longtime White House aide to President Trump, left his position Wednesday, reported The Hill.

Schiller served as a security chief to the President, to whom he has been very close, and has been telling associates for weeks now that he intends to leave his position, revealed a number of reports.

Schiller was allegedly disgruntled with new White House chief of staff John Kelly limiting his access to the President.

Schiller has also been allegedly dissatisfied with the lowered paycheck he was compelled to accept upon entering the White House. CNN has reported that Schiller’s salary was $165,000, a drastic contrast to the pay he previously received in the Trump Organization, where he was paid $294,000 a year.

Schiller has worked for Mr. Trump in New York since 1999 and was appointed as Mr. Trump’s head of security back in 2004. Prior to his departure on Wednesday, Schiller worked as director of Oval Office operations in the White House.

Schiller, a former New York City police officer, remained the sole bodyguard to Mr. Trump after Trump received security from the Secret Service upon winning the presidential election last year.

Schiller’s job was handling unruly, undisciplined, and violent demonstrators from venues during candidate Trump’s campaign trail.

Keith attracted attention at the start of this year when he was tapped as an aide who was tasked to personally deliver the news of former FBI Director James Comey’s removal from the FBI.

Official White House Spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders told the media earlier in September that the speculation of Schiller’s withdrawal was “not true,” and that Keith intended to remain serving in the White House.

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