Kellyanne Just Destroyed Hollywood With What She Said About The Emmy’s!!

Someone really needed to put them in the right place. This is the first official comment from a WH person and person close to President Trump after Emmy’s disgusting charade of hatred and anti-American fascist attack against the President of the USA and his entire administration (indirectly, everybody who voted for him and his reforms). Kellyanne Conway just taught the leftists a good lesson!

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway has been previewing Trump’s performance in front of the United Nations and said that it would be awesome. It was.

She repeated Trump’s message and said that he would promote peace, sovereignty, and accountability.

She then took apart the lame-ass Emmy’s. “It is the sameness,” Conway told the “Fox & Friends” host of the Emmy ceremony’s focus on Trump. “They got plucked and polished and some of them didn’t eat for two months, all for what? To sound the same.”

She then said that celebrities should be “entitled to their opinion.” Conway did praise Sean Spicer and made fun of himself as the former of White House press secretary. Conway had this to say of Spicer. He “is a man of good humor.”

“This is something that folks in Hollywood often lack — which is introspection and good humor,” she said.

H/T Liberty Writers News

Kellyanne Conway did a great job here. But sometimes, we ask ourselves, IS THIS EVEN REAL?! You know why? Because the leftists are doing unbelievable things, on the other hand, whatever intellectuals and progressive minds say, they RESIST.

They are so untouchable inside their bubble, you can’t convince them how sick the agenda is that they’ve been (ab)used for.

That’s called brainwashing. Kellyanne Conway smashed the liberal Hollywood, but she’s too far from changing the opinion of the hardcore communists who enjoy watching the shows of their beloved BONEHEAD liberal celebrities. Sooner or later, they will realize… Let’s hope it wouldn’t be too late.

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