JUST IN: White House Wants To PROSECUTE

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Tuesday that the DOJ should consider prosecuting former FBI Director James Comey for “improper” and possibly “illegal” actions, according to Fox News.

Her comments come just days after Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) suggested he wanted Comey to re-testify, saying, “I smell a rat.

Asked if President Trump wants the Department of Justice to prosecute Comey, Sanders said that’s “something they should certainly look at.”

Sanders said the former FBI director “politicized an investigation by signaling he would exonerate Hillary Clinton before he ever interviewed her or other key witnesses.”

Sanders was referring to new information suggesting Comey had begun drafting an exoneration letter for Hillary Clinton before key witnesses had been interviewed.

Sanders also said Comey, “by his own admission, leaked privileged government information.”

She continued:

“I think if there’s ever a moment where we feel someone’s broken the law, particularly if they’re the head of the FBI, then I think that’s something [that] certainly should be looked at,” she said.

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