Just In: WATCH A State Department Official EXPOSED Bashing Trump!

Senior State Department Policy Advisor Brian Hook has been exposed trashing President Trump.

From Gotnews:

Senior State Department Policy Advisor Brian Hook has a history of trashing President Donald Trump, a GotNews analysis of Mr. Hook’s past comments reveals.

“I think people are enjoying being entertained,” Hook has said of Trump, “but there’s going to come a point at which people have to decide whether they want to be entertained or whether they want to elect a President.”

Hook made these comments to Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business on October 5th, 2015, in a wide-ranging interview:

“I think we’re seeing some air come out of the Trump balloon,” Hook gleefully proclaimed. “I think as the debate stage starts to narrow, right – we’ve had a few people drop out already – it favors people who can present policy specifics. And I think it disfavors those who have been kind of light on policy to date, and so far Donald Trump has been fairly light on policy.”

According to American Greatness‘s bombshell piece today, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has “checked out” of Foggy Bottom, and “The leadership vacuum has been filled by a small group opposed to the president’s ‘America First’ agenda.”

This piece continues by noting that Hook and Tillerson’s chief of staff, Margaret Peterlin, are effectively running the State Department now: “At the heart of the problem, these officials say, are the two people closest to Tillerson: chief of staff Margaret Peterlin and senior policy advisor Brian Hook, who runs the State Department’s in-house think tank.”

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