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Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that military option is the only solution for the problem with North Korea. Of course, this will happen only if diplomatic efforts go down the hill.

Tillerson confirmed that President Donald Trump is working on a peaceful solution to the problem, but his North Korean colleague doesn’t share the same opinion. Kim Jong-un keeps threatening everybody, and sources say that North Korea has already stepped up its weapons.

So, President Trump has to take into consideration the fact that North Korea won’t accept a peaceful solution. The dictator said that he won’t stop advancing his military option until US doesn’t stop issuing warnings.

According to Tillerson, the US strategy involves a “peaceful pressure campaign” on Pyongyang at the moment. The campaign has the only goal to sent a message to the dictator that “this is the policy of the rest of the world.”

“All of that designed to bring North Korea to the table for constructive, productive dialogue. If our diplomatic efforts fail through, our military option will be the only one left. To be clear, we seek a peaceful solution to this,” the Secretary of State said.

Tillerson made his comments after North Korea launched another ballistic missile over Japan.

The situation is getting worse with every day that goes by, and Kim Jong-un is not interested in stepping back. He is even proud of the nuclear power his country has. But, world leaders won’t let him threaten the rest of the world. North Korea is not the only country in the world. Jong-un will definitely encounter a bunch of angry opponents. He can’t just go out and threaten everybody.

The problem can escalate any moment now. Authorities are waiting for Jong-un’s next move. Maybe he will change his mind, and focus his power on something else. Like helping others in need. But, North Korea is not ready to join the rest of the world. Moreover, it may try to conquer other countries.

What do you think about the comments Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made? Do you think North Korea will launch another missile?

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