Just In: Senate Passes Major Defense Policy Bill – This Will Change Everything!

The US Senate broke all controversies Monday and passed a new defense policy bill. It applies for the new fiscal year.

The Senate passed a $692 billion National Defense Authorization Act on Monday. However, the new bill doesn’t include an amendment that eliminates the automatic spending cuts.

The NDAA involves Pentagon’s spending and other programs. It also authorizes additional $8.5 billion for the Missile Defense Agency. These millions will strengthen our homeland, regional and space missile defense. Should we say that the authorization is $630 million above the President’s request?

The bill was passed with 89 to 8, and the simple majority pushed it through the Senate. The 2018 national defense bill provides $141 billion for military staff costs. This includes costs of pay, bonuses, benefits, and moving expenses. The good news is that 2.1 percent of the money goes in the hands of troops.

The newly brought legislation will offer finances for new troop numbers. This means that thousands of new members will join the US Army and Marine Corps. The reserve totals will also go up.

The final version of the defense act offers a provision that stops the US Department of Defense from using software from Karpersky Labs. So, no Russian stuff this time.

Lawmakers proposed over 3000 amendments for the Senate’s act. The House passed its version in July, and it’s up to the House-Senate conference committee to resolve any differences before passing the bill to the President.

The 1,215-age bill offers a $640 billion in base budget and additional $60 billion for the Overseas Contingency Operations. Lawmakers are also giving money for the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and other hotspots.

But, Tennessee Republican Bob Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and a member of the Senate Budget Committee voted against the bill. According to him, the new defense bill exceeds the current budget by $83 billion. Corker disapproved the Overseas Contingency Operations funds, because they have “been repeatedly abused to fund normal operations at the Departments of Defense and State in order to avoid exceeding statutory spending caps.”

What do you think about the new bill? Do you support it?

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