Just In: Rick Harrison Goes ROUGE, Reveals The Truth About Obama [VIDEO]

Rick Harrison is more than just a star of a reality show released on the History Channel. The businessman decided to tell the truth about former president Barack Obama. We believe that Obama’s fans won’t like any of his comments. Well, someone had to spill it.

Rick Harrison is one of the greatest entrepreneurs, and owns Gold & Silver Pawn shop. You don’t always see someone like him. He is trying to create a better future for his family, and patriots across the country share his vision. Harrison supported the President during his campaign.

According to Harrison, Barack Obama didn’t help him run his business, and made it “literally a nightmare” instead. Rick Harrison still remembers the struggle he went through under Obama. The former administration blocked his way to success. “The effect of the eight years of Obama is finally showing up,” Harrison said.

President Donald Trump has long warned about the danger imposed by mainstream media. He was always put on the wall of shame, and nobody ever supported his good job. Rick Harrison said that people would have never recognized the President’s job by following “the news.” He spoke in the name of all Americans this time.

 The entrepreneur believes that businessmen only need a chance, and he was talking about Obama’s efforts to destroy businesses. “We had .7 GDP [growth]…in the last quarter, and if you figure GDP the way we did four years ago, that would be negative growth. Four years ago…they decided all R&D [suddenly] goes into the plus column instead of the expense column and…it was a way the administration actually boosted up GDP,” Harrison said.

Rick Harrison supports the President’s effort to repeal and replace ObamaCare. He is also trying to free businesses of all regulations and lower taxes. Many businessmen will support his great ideas, that’s a sure bet. President Trump won’t leave them alone, and he has already made a bunch of great promises.

What do you think about the comments Rick Harrison made? Do you think the Trump administration will create a perfect base for businesses in the United States?

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