Just In: Police Forced To Use Power Against BLM Protesters In St. Louis

Groups like Black Lives Matter seem to think that they can operate in anyway that they want. Luckily, with leaders like Donald Trump, Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions in office, we do not have to worry about this kind of behavior. These far-left liberal groups have been making their intentions very clear ever since the Charlottesville attacks. Antifa has been growing in numbers also as of late.

People seem to think that because they are liberal, they are completely innocent of any hate. But that is not the case and we saw that in a very big way recently when Black Lives Matter was in St. Louis to protest.

They started by attacking the Mayor’s house in an apparent attempt to get their way on some sort of issue. Once the police responded, they took even scarier action by throwing bricks and rocks at the responders.

Law enforcement officers got rid of the crowd with pepper spray and tear gas after calling the gathering an “unlawful assembly.” They made one official arrest and could have made much more without our knowledge. Responders dressed in riot gear then used tear gas to force protesters away from the scene.

The things that these people used to get away with under former President Barack Obama are disappearing. That is because Donald Trump has made it clear that he will not be dealing with this kind of behavior from violent groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa on the left and white nationalists and neo-Nazis on the right.

It seems as though just because they are black, they think they can treat others with hate and violence. That is not to say that other groups do not do the same thing. But with them, it seems to be wholly based on their race.

Police had their rights and jobs taken away from them for 8 years straight under Obama. Finally, we are able to see what they do best. BLM better get their stuff together unless they want to see more violence like this during their protests.

What do you think should happen with BLM?

H/T DailyCaller

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