Just In: Mike Pence And Family Make Major Announcement About Their Future Plans!

Vice President Mike Pence is pretty busy at the moment, and Marlon Bundo is by his side every step of the way. Yes, you read that one right. Marlon Bundo is America’s first BOTUS. If you want to find out what “BOTUS” means, read the new book of Charlotte Pence. BOTUS stands for the Bunny of the United States, and it has just “announced” starring in Charlotte’s new book.

This is hilarious and simply adorable. Charlotte Pence is going forward with her career and she is just 24. Mike Pence must be proud of his daughter.

One thing stands for sure – Charlotte’s book will be the ultimate best seller, and this has nothing to do with the fact that Mike Pence is her father.

Marlon Bundo’s Day in the Life of the Vice President will be available in bookstores next spring. Karen Pence is in charge of the illustrations. Mike Pence is also included, but just as a character. So interesting!

Marlon Bundo “made” an official announcement Friday, gathering the attention of over 15,000 followers.

“A Big Announcement for my Friends! Coming to a bookstore near you on March 19! Mom wrote a children’s book about me and Grandma painted beautiful watercolors in it, too! In the book, I follow Grampa around all day, as a BOTUS should, while he goes about his duties as Vice President! Also, Mom and Grandma are donating a portion of their proceeds to charity!” the post read.

Marlon Bundo became popular at the very first moment Mike Pence became the Vice President of the United States, reports World Politicus. We believe that Charlotte Pence will be as popular as her lovely bunny. Her book is amazing, and everyone will love it, especially children.


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