Just In: Former Fox News Host Might Be Joining ‘The View’

Jedediah Bila quit The View today on live television and nobody saw it coming. The audience was left in shock after they learned that the conservative host was calling it quits. This will leave a hole in the program who is already far too liberal in their politics. Or will it? Now there are reports coming out that show that they show might already have a replacement planned. And the person will surprise you.

A CNN report has shed some light on the issue at hand. We all remember that Meghan McCain recently quit Fox News. Nobody was sure why she had come to this decision, but it sounded like she had some better offers up her sleeve. Well, now we might have a better look as to why she quit in the first place.

She is in late-stage talks to become a new host on The View. She will be the new “conservative” to join the likes of Whoopi and Behar.

According to the report, “McCain, who did not immediately respond to a request for comment, announced last week that she was leaving Fox News. A deal to bring McCain on at “The View” has not yet been completed, the people who spoke with CNN said, but is in late stages.”

But that does not explain why Bila left, even if they already had a replacement planned. In a note, her co-hosts expressed their gratitude by saying she was a “spirited voice at the table over the past year, asking smart questions and challenging us all to think.”

“We want to thank Jed very much for all of her contributions and wish her great success with the next step in her career,” the note added.

So now we have gone from on extreme to the other. Despite her ultra-liberal co-hosts, Bila was actually pretty well-respected by the conservative community. She was the voice of reason when the liberals got too far ahead of themselves. But now she is gone and will likely be replaced by Meghan McCain.

What do you think of this move? Do you think it will work for The View?

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