Just In: FBI Closer Than Ever To LOCKING UP Clinton!

While everyone focuses on the special counsel in Washington led by Robert Mueller to discredit President Donald Trump, only some remember that the FBI’s criminal investigation against Hillary Clinton is still ongoing and results might be coming sooner than anyone thought.

The investigation is about Clinton’s illegal use of a home email server to circumvent laws against sharing and sending classified information, and while the FBI has taken their time, they seem to be striking gold that could put Hillary behind bars once and for all, reports Democrat Busters.

Fox News was told that a member of the House Intelligence Committee called Mike Pompeo can “guarantee” that the “insight board is dealing with deciding the extent of any ruptures that may have come about because of the dishonorable treatment of arranged data, and the harm evaluations that run with them,” referring to the classified information mishandled by Clinton. He has said:

“I think we as a whole comprehend that we had ordered data in channels that weren’t secure on Secretary Clinton’s homebrew server. That hazard was related with that.”

Fox News’ Catherine Herridge has been told that investigators are closing in on our former Secretary of State. She said that they have been focused on how “elected directions require harm appraisals after arranged data is outside secure government channels, for example, an individual server.”

If what Pompeo said is the truth, the FBI will have to decide what data was mishandled, mistreated or otherwise misplaced in Clinton’s private server. Their decision shouldn’t be that hard as many of the messages had top security classification.

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