JUST IN: DAMNING Footage Comes Back To Haunt Obama – He’s PANICKING

Barack Hussein Obama is such an egomaniac that he actually fancies himself to be the best president of all time. That’s why it came as bad news to him this week when a series of clips surfaced showing that he is actually one of the worst.

The Gateway Pundit put together a list of five of Obama’s biggest and most outlandish lies. The first is when he lied a staggering 37 times that if you like your insurance plan, you can keep it. It was only after cancellation letters were sent to 4 million Americans that everyone realized this was a lie

The next lie was when Obama said 22 times that Obamacare we will reduce your insurance premiums by $2,500, per family per year. In fact, the exact opposite happened and average premiums skyrocketed, for some groups as much as 78 percent.

Third was when Obama said, “I cannot pass amnesty through executive action… I am not a dictator” at least 22 times. He then implemented an immunity scheme via executive order, bypassing Congress and blatantly ignoring the rule of law.

The fourth lie was when he said at least 12 times that not a penny of Obamacare will go towards abortions. In reality, 1,036 Obamacare plans cover abortions, and in fact, Little Sisters of the Poor, a group of Catholic nuns who provide care for the poor, were forced to file a class action mandate to obtain a judgment so they could refrain from providing access to abortion-inducing drugs.

Finally, Obama lied when he said on at least two occasions that it was not his decision to pull all the troops out of Iraq. During his reelection bid in 2012, Obama repeatedly took credit for “ending the war in Iraq.” However, just two years later, he claimed that removing U.S. troops from Iraq was not “my decision.” Because of Obama’s recklessness,  thousands of innocents have been murdered (including many beheadings), enslaved, relocated forcefully, terrorized and tortured.

We have just one more Obama lie for you for the road!

In 2012, Obama bragged to an audience full of liberals about his major foreign policy accomplishments. All of these, of course, turned out to be lies.

“Four years ago I told you I’d end the war in Iraq and I did.    I said we’d end the war in Afghanistan and we are.  I said we’d refocus on the people who actually attacked us on 9-11 and today Al Qaeda is on the run…” Obama boasted.

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