Just In: 8 New States Have Moved To Repeal Major Law

Many of the states that used the Common Core standards at the beginning are still using them today in some way. This in spite of the fact that there are huge debates currently going on whether this is even doing our students any good. People are now arguing that math and reading scores are not even doing any better than there were before.

After the standards were first started in 2010, 45 states and Washington DC were taking part. They thought that this was going to raise test scores and do good for our students. But now there are huge arguments on the ability of these standards to do good. Surprisingly, only 8 states have tried to repeal the standards. This could be due to political pressure.

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Falin signed to repeal in 2014. This was only 6 months after defending them. She says that Common Core has become far too divisive.

There are, however, 21 states that have been trying to do revisions. These are minor revisions to the guidelines, but revisions nonetheless. Illinois, for example, kept the entire law the same and only changed the name.

This has become a very talked about subject in our country and many have strong feelings about this law.

“The core of the Common Core remains in almost every state that adopted them,” said Mike Petrilli. He is the president of the conservative Thomas B. Fordham Institute.

“We are now following a much better recipe for student achievement, but the cake is still being baked, so we don’t yet know if it’s going to taste as good as we hope,” Petrilli added.

But many seem to think that the only way to get back on the right track is to fix and repeal the law. That is what it looks like we are going towards. Education is nothing to mess with. This is the future of our country and we need to make sure that we come up with something that will work.

Hopefully, our country and the states in it can come up with a plan to figure this all out.

What do you think should happen?

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