Judge Jeanine SPEAKS UP About Hillary, Uranium Deal And Familiar Names In Corrupt Obama Admin. (WATCH)

Judge Jeanine names top FBI – DOJ Obama officials, Holder, Rosenstein, McCabe and Clinton in the cover up of the Uranium One deal, demanding AG Sessions let a gagged…

If this Opening Statement from Judge Jeanine Pirro doesn’t get AG Jeff Sessions up off his rear end and doing his job then the next step is to send in a coroner to make sure he’s got a pulse. She puts the spotlight and demand for action against the den of snakes he’s surrounded by at DOJ clearly upon him.

Judge Jeanine provides some background information into the Uranium One deal and the players who participated, along with Hillary Clinton in pilfering from the United States, familiar names in the corrupt Obama administration.

She notes that back in 2008 the Russians were desperate to buy uranium and the Obama regime more than willing to help out Vlad and the boys, for a price. She notes that “the whole upper tier of the Obama administration, those paragons of globalist virtues, approved the deal” to sell out the United States.

She adds information about another layer of corruption, pointing out that as far back as 2009, the year Obama was placed into an office usually reserved only for Americans, “The FBI and the Department of Justice had an active, large scale, criminal investigation into Russia and Kremlin-connected individuals, scheming to access America’s uranium, ranging from bribery, money laundering and kickback schemes.”

Judge Jeanine notes that “An FBI informant, and American businessman, was wired and provided unmistakable evidence.” She goes on to point out that at least $145 million dollars went into the Clinton Foundation slush fund in her pay to play sell out of the United States, but it could well be much more. And for some reason, the Clinton Foundation failed to disclose major contributions from entities involved in these crooked transactions.

Judge Jeanine states that the Obama inner circle was fully aware of the Putin racketeering enterprise that was representing the purchasers, with our DOJ and FBI actively monitoring and investigating it. Yet, they “subsequently allowed the transfer to Russia.” Money is a great motivator.

She identifies some of those involved, Eric Holder who was not only involved in the cover up as head of the FBI but also on the small committee that approved the deal.  “The case itself, says Judge Jeanine, “handled by Rod Rosenstein. You know him, the same man who told Jeff Sessions to recuse himself, get out of the way of the Russia investigation, so that Rosenstein could appoint Bob Mueller to try to connect Trump to Russia.”

“And if that isn’t the irony of all irony,” says Judge Jeanine, “the head of the FBI at the time, Bob Mueller, the man now appointed special counsel to connect Donald Trump to Russia.” He was appointed to that position by his aforementioned fellow dirty cop, Rod Rosenstein.

She continues, “The FBI agent handling the case, Andrew McCabe. He ‘s the man who was handling the email investigation of Hillary. And you may remember, his wife got $675,000 dollars from Clinton pal Terry McAuliffe, also connected to the Clinton Foundation.” She points out that under Virginia law, she got to keep any leftover money from her losing effort.

She reveals that the criminal case was plea-bargained to nothing over two holiday weekends and just went away. As for the informant, he still under a DOJ gag order with a criminal penalty, something neither his attorney nor Judge Jeanine have ever heard of before this.

She’s got a message for Sessions as to what needs to be done, three steps that start with removing the gag order so this man can tell what he knows to Congress. She says Andrew McCabe needs to be fired as number two in the FBI, and Robert Mueller should be fired as a special counsel and become the target of an investigation into the extortion scheme cover up.

A fourth point, the firing of Rod Rosenstein and his indictment, seems to be in order as well.

H/T Rick Wells

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