John McCain Set To Continue His Traitorous Ways With Support Of Obamacare

John McCain has proved himself to be a traitor to the American people who once looked up to him so much. This was done in a dramatic fashion as he gave his “no” vote to the repeal of Obamacare. It seems like, with every passing day, he gets more and more liberal. Americans are quickly realizing that they cannot trust this man to help them with their problems.

Many are now wondering if they can trust him when the vote for a repeal of Obamacare comes along once again. Democrats were very pleased with him and his decision to vote no. Everything leading up to the vote seemed that he was going to go along with his party. But that is not what happened.

“Let’s trust each other,” McCain said. “Let’s return to regular order. We’ve been spinning our wheels on too many important issues because we keep trying to find a way to win without help from across the aisle.”

Nothing has been said about how he thinks he will vote once this new bill comes to his desk. But if you are a conservative that is hoping to see Obamacare go once and for all, do not hold your breath. There has been nothing that McCain does that makes it seem like he will do anything to help the American people.

When McCain was asked if he had talked to Lindsey Graham about the new proposal, McCain responded simply, “I talk to Lindsey Graham constantly, unfortunately.”

Nobody will know how he will react until it is done. McCain has had to deal with some problems of his own as of late. Late this summer, he got the news that he has cancer. His family was devastated by the news and asked for prayers during this time of grief. But he has come out regularly saying that he is not going to let this diagnosis get in the way of doing his job.

In fact, the first vote for the repeal of Obamacare came only days after getting eye surgery which eventually led to the diagnosis.

How do you think he will vote?

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