Jeff Bridges Just Said That Social Security Shouldn’t Be Given To ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS

The Social Security Administration collects billions of dollars in taxes from unknown sources every year. There are cases where employers send in W-2 forms that have Social Security numbers that don’t match with anyone on record. Because of this, the agency routes these documents to an Earnings Suspense File. Once they get there, the paperwork sits until people can prove the wages were theirs.

The Earnings Suspense File  contains Social Security tax forms that date back to 1937. These are connected to the taxes that were paid on nearly $1.3 trillion in wages.

Part of the W-2s in it belong to people who got married and never reported changing their name. Of course, some of them are people who didn’t filled out their tax forms correctly.

Thanks to the efforts to track these taxpayers down in 2014, the Social Security Administration was able to match 171 million tax forms to their rightful owners.

However, the file contains 340 million unclaimed tax forms, compared to 270 million nearly a decade ago. Many of these forms were filed by employers on behalf of undocumented immigrants.

As a matter of fact, illegal immigration is the biggest reason for the file’s growth. Undocumented workers pay billions in taxes for retirement benefits they will likely never receive.

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  1. If they become citizens. All payments should count. They should pay when working in the united states. They should receive SSI if enough quarters are metand they must be a citizens.

  2. If a worker has an ITIN they are not eligible to work and it does not meet requirements as a form of identification. This number is issued by IRS not SSA. Employers will accept this number anyway sometimes (sometimes not….knowing better) thinking they have a valid “number” that gives the worker authorization to work. This is not true. So when the employee has taxes withdrawn from their check and the employer pays their own share of payroll taxes it all goes into a slush fund. The employee will never be able to collect any benefits because they do not have a valid SSN. I have seen many fake Social Security cards. First off, a valid SS number will never start with the number 9 and the two digits in the middle will never be zeros. If anyone reading this has questions, just go to the IRS website, IRS.GOV and in the search bar write ITIN (individual taxpayer identification number). So in the end, it is more beneficial to the illegal immigrant to take a cash payment, even if by check but just for the full amount because everyone concerned is just throwing money away with the payroll taxes. Of course the employer takes a hit here because they are now unable to deduct the wages paid to this person. Beyond THAT, by an employer using an ITIN for any employee they are linking this employee with this number and basically reporting them to the federal government.

  3. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, should not be working in this country as it is, Put the people on welfare that can work into those jobs. Then inmate working their way out of prison and anybody else who is getting money from the real tax payers should be in the farmers fields working for their pay. Take all the work away from the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!!

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