James Woods Demolished Rep Wilson in Tweetstorm You Won’t BELIEVE How Far He Went…

James Woods is an American actor and producer, who recently went to Twitter to completely destroy the liberal lunatic Frederica Wilson.

Recently, Wilson attacked President Trump after he called Sgt. La David T. Johnson’s widow Myeshia this week. He only wanted to express his condolences to the widow who lost her husband on October 4th, serving the country in Niger.

As expected from a Democrat, Wilson said what Trump did was cold and heartless. Soon after, she went on attack General John Kelly as well, because he defended President Trump’s phone call to Gold Star widow of Army Sgt. La David Johnson. She said this about Kelly:

“John Kelly’s trying to keep his job. He will say anything.”

However, after more than a year of constant attacks of President Trump, people are not afraid to call out Democrats for being way too harsh and for no reason at all. This time, it was James Woods for spoke up about the Wilson’s bogus attacks.

He called her a “parasite rodeo clown” who is only being used to distract from the Uranium One scandal, reports The Gateway Pundit. In a chain of Twitter statement, he revealed the truth Democrats have been so desperate to hide:

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