After Hollywood Elites Attacked Trump at the Emmy Awards, Watch Mark Steyn Finish Them!!

This year’s Emmy Awards were the most shocking thing we have ever seen. “Celebrities” like Dolly Parton and her friends only took the stage to bash President Donald Trump. But, Mark Steyn wasn’t buying any of their nonsense and decided to speak up. You can’t even guess what popped in his mind.

Hollywood reached its highest evil last night. Instead of enjoying the fancy event, liberal celebrities came out one by one and condemned President Trump for everything he has done so far. These people don’t appreciate anything that comes from the President. Remember what happened when Dolly Parton took the stage?

Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin used their reunion to mock the President calling him names. ‘Sexist’ doesn’t seem right, does it? The President’s supporters couldn’t believe their eyes and ears! What happened with the Emmy’s?

So, Mark Steyn used his 5 minutes to teach these “celebrities” a lesson of life. Steyn spoke about Hollywood and all the celebrities who “committed a crime.” Oh, we already know who won’t like this…

“Mr. Donald Glover accepting an award and pretending he’s somehow an oppressed person in Trump’s America because blacks have been oppressed since January 20th. He lives a life that is more privileged than 99.999% of humanity through the entirety of human history have ever lived. Where does he get off playing the victim card?” said Mark Steyn.

Hollywood is falling apart, and last night’s Emmy Awards proved it all. Liberal celebrities will never act reasonably. They are blind with hate. How can someone use their award speech to mock the sitting President of the United States?

It’s funny how these people don’t respect the President. Many would agree that they are only using their fame to earn a few more points. But, we’d really suggest that they stick to their acting scheme. We don’t need them to talk politics. To all the Hollywood celebrities out there, please mind your own business.

What do you think about the comments Mark Steyn made? Do you agree with him? Why did celebrities use the Emmy Awards to blast President Trump?

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