Hillary is Critically Injured, She is Walking On Crutches !!

Hillary Clinton keeps drawing everybody’s attention. The Democratic candidate in the last election somehow manages to stay in the spotlight.

Michael J. Hout, a political consultant, posted a photo of the Democrat on Twitter.

In the photo, Ms. Clinton uses forearm crutches during her visit to Yale Law School on Saturday. Visitors were shocked to see her like this, and we all hope that she gets better.

Clinton used forearm crutches after breaking her toe during the promotion of her new book What Happened in the United Kingdom.

She visited the university she studied at on the same day she signed books for her fans at the Wesleyan R.J. Julia Bookstore in Middletown, Connecticut.

The bookstore announced the rules for the book signing:

“She will sign a maximum of two books for each attendee and will not personalize books,” explained Wesleyan R.J. Julia Bookstore on its website.

“Hillary Clinton at Yale Law School today wearing braces of some kind,” Hout tweeted. Fans were shocked to see her wearing those crutches. “Blessed to meet a Queen and Yale Law School alumna,” one of the fans tweeted.

In her book, What Happened, Hillary Clinton explains the reasons that took her out of the presidential run. Actually, she had no real chances of winning the election, and instead of accepting her loss, the Democratic nominee decided to write a book and gain a few more points.

A 7-year old girl wrote a letter to Clinton, saying, ”Dear Mrs. Clinton thank you for running for president and helping lots of people with problems, we appreciate it very much thank you.”

Talia McKeen, 7, was happy to see her favorite politician. But, how much does this girl know about Hillary Clinton?

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