FBI Want To Question TEN Russian Spies But CRICKED Hillary Sent Them Back To Russia Instantly!

Democrats keep pushing the conspiracy theory that Russians were meddling with the presidential election, helping Trump win, but in reality, all Russian roads lead to Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is neck deep in a Russian scandal involving bribery, kickbacks and extortion. According to FBI documents, Hillary was the target of a Russian spy ring, both before and during her time as Secretary of State.

The FBI arrested 10 Russian spies in June of 2010 and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton quickly rushed them back to Moscow on a busy 4th of July weekend before the FBI was able to question them, also preventing them from standing trial.

The FBI monitored a Russian spy ring in an operation dubbed ‘Ghost Stories’ in a decade-long counterintelligence sting to track Russian spies between Boston and D.C., reports USPolitics.

Unfortunately for the Clintons, the operation happened at the same time as the Uranium One Scandal.

Foreign Policy Analist J. Michael Waller wrote:

“The FBI found that Russian intelligence had targeted Hillary Clinton before and during her time as secretary of state. Clinton’s spokespersons denied that this was so. Clinton opposed the Magnitsky sanctions on officials tied to Putin. After her husband received a half-million dollars in Moscow from a Kremlin-connected investment bank, Clinton moved with unusual speed to whisk the ring of 10 Russian spies out of the country and back to Moscow.

She had the lopsided swap take place over a long summer weekend, before the FBI was finished with the spies, and before the spies could stand trial. While the FBI was separately investigating Russians involved with buying Uranium One, she approved the sale of American uranium to Russia’s nuclear weapons agency. Principals in the sale then plowed $145 million into her family foundation and projects.”

We’re sure that every one of you is asking the same questions: why would Hillary Clinton work so hard to remove 10 Russian spies from the United States after the FBI successfully busted them? What is she hiding that she didn’t want these Russian spies to stand trial? Why didn’t the FBI say anything?

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