Hillary Clinton May Have Health Problems, Her Symptoms Are Visible

Hillary Clinton may have health problems, because we can easily see that something strange happens to her. There is not an exact explanation to her symptoms. Hillary’s health was often discussed during the 2016 presidential campaign. People knew that she had problems, and maybe we will finally learn the truth. The presidential candidate visited ABC’s talk show “The View” and let’s just say that she confirmed the rumors.

Hillary Clinton gave us a few reasons to think that she may have some kind of neurological issues. Her breakdown was somehow strange, and even viewers recognized it.

So, what really happened to Hillary Clinton? Is this the outcome of her longtime struggle?

The Democrat talked about her loss, and yes, she blamed everyone and tried to excuse her failure. But, viewers couldn’t focus on Hillary Clinton and her explanation. We all noticed something… strange.

Hillary’s uncoordinated eye movement or the “wandering eye” is probably related to any kind of neurological problem. Steven Feldon has the perfect explanation for this. “Since about one-third of our brain deals with processing vision in one way or another, almost any diffuse disease of the brain is going to affect vision,” the doctor explained.

Maybe this could explain the fact that Hillary repeated herself last year. We all saw the photos of her passing. But, Hillary Clinton didn’t come out with an official statement and kept inventing excuses. It all started with Hillary’s campaign trail. She wasn’t able to talk or walk, and her team had to escort her.

Liberals never offered an explanation on Hillary Clinton and her health condition. They only mentioned the inflexibility of the election, but this excuse is no longer valid.

Isn’t it strange how Hillary Clinton didn’t write anything about her health in her book What Happened? This only made people ask more questions. But, there were no answers.

What do you think about this? Do you think Hillary Clinton has a severe neurological problem? How will liberals explain her attitude during the ABC’s show? Will they try to excuse her again?



  1. Hillary’s mental problems are caused by too much power and money which makes her feel that she as risen above everyone, and she can do no wrong.She invents her narrative which is in full disagreement with the entire world which she believes is against her, and it is. She probably is suffering from serious medical issues with mental disease following concurrently. She needs a complete medical and neurological examination.

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