Hillary Clinton Gets Humiliated On ‘The View’ By The Only Conservative Host

Hillary Clinton has been doing everything she can to stay relevant in the midst of Donald Trump’s presidency. She has been shelling out her new book titled “What Happened” and took her advertisements to The View. She is always treated nicely over there on ABC’s show. Hillary knows that she has Joy Behar to count on whenever things start getting iffy. The rest of the panel is also liberal, so it adds up for perfect Clinton time.

As she was walking on stage, The View’s producers found it fitting that the music “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson be played. This is the song used by her campaign last fall.

The first question Clinton was asked comes from Whoopi Goldberg, whose liberal views are less than a secret. Goldberg asks Clinton, “Why did you decide to relive all of this in the book?”

This was the main theme brought back throughout the 40 minute program. Democrats need to be focusing on ways to bring down President Trump. Yet, we see things like this being played on the television and it makes their chances look rather slim.

“That’s a really good question,” Clinton said, laughing. She explained that after the election she was totally “devastated.”The question people kept going back to was, “What happened?” That is when she wanted to “give this my best effort to figure it out, to be as open, candid, self reflective as possible.”

The only “conservative” on the panel is Jedediah Bila, who had a few questions for Clinton. She asked why she kept bringing up the past when Democrats need to be going forward.

“It’s not just about the past,” Clinton asserted. She used examples like, “Russia, suppression of voters, particularly African-American and young voters, and sexism and misogyny, which are endemic in our system, and we ought to start talking about it.”

After the less-than-open answer given by Clinton, Bila claimed that Hillary was overly tone-deaf throughout the election. This is what many people have called her out on and some claim that this is the reason she lost the election. Others would say that it was the scandals and FBI investigation but that discussion is for another day.

Here are the videos of the interview:


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